Zenith Pumps

For more than 75 years‚ Zenith Pumps‚ a Colfax Business Unit‚ has provided the process industries with precise‚ pulseless and reliable precision gear metering pumps. The founder of Zenith Pumps designed and built the first precision gear pump for the fiber industry in the 1920’s to improve the quality of rayon yarns being produced.

Zenith Pumps ability to innovate‚ coupled with a desire to provide unmatched quality and service‚ has enabled it to remain the world’s leading supplier of precision gear metering pumps.

Zenith pumps are used in numerous markets‚ including fiber‚ polymer processing‚ adhesives‚ paints and food. Zenith Pumps offers a complete line of precision gear pumps and metering systems to handle the many critical applications in the process industries.

Benefits of Zenith Pumps include:

  • Outstanding stream-to-stream and pump-to-pump metering uniformity over a wide range of process conditions resulting from superior product design and quality
  • Superior pump pressure and viscosity capability resulting from special‚ high-strength materials and optimized component design
  • Superior pump life and toughness resulting from through hardened‚ particle metallurgy components
  • Reduced polymer shear and downstream thermal gradients resulting from optimized gear geometry and internal flow paths
  • Packaged additive metering systems for continuous‚ accurate addition of processing aids‚ including colorants‚ plasticizers and others to the mainline process
  • Extensive experience and capability in pump service agreements and custom engineering

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