Tushaco‚ a Colfax Business Unit‚ serves the oil and gas‚ power generation‚ marine‚ food‚ beverage‚ steel‚ cement‚ paint‚ chemical‚ pulp and paper industries and effluent treatment plants.

The applications are vacuum residue fuel transfer pumps; seal oil‚ jacking oil and fuel pressurizing pumps; cargo‚ main engine and lube oil pumps; sugar syrup and chocolate transfer pumps; hot strip mill‚ cold rolling mill and lube oil circulation pumps; sludge feed pumps; centrifuge decanter pumps; kiln firing pumps; resin and paint transfer pumps; pulp transfer and coating pumps; dye and chemical transfer pumps.

Tushaco manufactures seven different types of rotary positive displacement pumps in India:

  • Eccentric Helical Rotor Pump
  • Two-Spindle Screw Pump
  • Three-Spindle Screw Pump
  • Internal Gear Pump
  • External Gear Pump
  • Internal Lobe (Trochoidal) Pump
  • Shuttle Block Pump (Rotary Piston)

It also manufactures:

  • Basket Type Suction Strainer
  • Lube Oil and Fuel Oil Skids

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