Colfax brands

Product Portfolio: Propeller Pump

Colfax propeller pumps are used to pump large volumes with a relatively short pump head. Applications are in the chemical and processing industries‚ sewage water treatment plants‚ re-circulation for handling return sludge or rainwater and generating drinking water (seawater desalination plants).

They are available as horizontal or vertical pumps‚ suspended into the pipeline or horizontally foot-mounted. Pump design‚ material design‚ installation and drive can be adapted optimally to the operation and assembling conditions. Our Series are ALLPRO PP/PG‚ ALLPRO PT and ALLTRIMM

The ALLTRIMM series is designed especially for shipbuilding applications. These space-saving inline pumps for large flow rates and delivery heads of up to 20 meters have an integrated motor and a reversible flow direction.
Advantages of Propeller Pump:

  • Reliability
  • High Performance
  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • Robust