Lubrication & Oil Control

Colfax pumps in power generation applications

Colfax is a leading supplier of lubrication pumps‚ systems and pump skids for the power generation industry. Typically located within the turbine island of the power plant‚ lubrication pumps and system will vary in size and complexity‚ however‚ their mission critical function is to provide bearing lubrication for the turbine. A lubrication oil system can also include the control oil and seal oil functions.

High Efficiency Lubricating Oil Pumps for Rotating Equipment

Typically‚ there are two to three lube oil pumps on a lube oil system – main‚ backup and sometimes an emergency and Colfax pumps provide a user with some of the highest operating efficiency standards in the industry. Colfax lubrication pumps can be found supporting the operation of turbines suppliers GE‚ Siemens‚ Solar‚ Man and Rolls Royce. Pumps for this application are offered in either a three-screw or centrifugal configurations through the Allweiler‚ Imo‚ Tushaco and Imo AB business units.

Reliable Lubrication Oil Systems for Rotating Equipment

Our systems are designed to support the mission critical function of bearing lubrication. Our turbine oil pumps include the necessary redundancy‚ heating and cooling of the oil and pressures to ensure that the turbine receives the required oil when called upon. Colfax engineers excel at integrating the components of a lubrication oil system - pumps‚ heat exchangers‚ filters‚ controls‚ and instrumentation - into to a product that strives to reduce installation and operating costs. Colfax associates works directly with turbine manufacturers such as GE‚ Siemens‚ Hitachi and Mitsubishi to provide lubricating oil pumps & systems from our Imo and Allweiler companies.

Colfax product brands offering lubrication pumps and lubrication oil pump skids


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