External Gear

External Gear

How they convey fluids:

The ZENITH® external gear pump is a rotary positive displacement pump. The pumping elements consist of two precision ground‚ specially profiled spur style pumping gears rotating within close-clearance casing bores. At either end of these gears are tight fitting end plates to limit internal leakage from discharge to suction. The process fluid enters the side inlet connection; and as each tooth cavity opens‚ it is subsequently filled with fluid. As the drive shaft rotates with its fixed gear rotor‚ the spur gear on the driven shaft is mechanically propelled. This action advances the gear teeth to the point where the tooth cavity becomes enclosed by a portion of the semi-circumferential casing bore. As the two shafts continue to rotate‚ the captured fluid is borne around this arc length until the cavity opens to discharge pressure. The fluid is then discharged when the gear teeth re-mesh. By this means the surfaces of the pumping rotors cooperate to provide continuous sealing.

Strengths of the technology:

  • Precision metering capabilities with excellent repeatability
  • High pressure boost and temperature ranges
  • Zero-leaked‚ sealless pump design using magnetically coupled drive
  • Compact‚ robust design that is bi-directional
Maximum Flow Rate Differential Pressure Viscosity Range Min to Max Max Fluid Temperature Max Solids Content Max Free Water Content Max Gas Content Colfax Brand & Series
2 m3/h
9 usgpm
170 bar
2500 psi
0.5 to 50000 cSt 510°C
0.5% 100% 5% Zenith 9000MD series

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