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Find out how Colfax Fluid Handling is redefining what’s possible for our customers with a full line of pumps and engineered systems‚ plus global expertise to develop the best fluid handling solutions for any application.

Volute casing centrifugal pumps of inline design have a variety of uses including sea and fresh water, supply and transfer, HVAC and more. This spec sheet outlines component specifications, performance data and global product contacts.

Colfax Fluid Handling understands the challenges you face. From the flight deck to the engine room, from the superstructure to gun turrets, our products and expertise are found globally and operate reliably 24/7.

We now offer a Vibration Isolated Test Stand in Mumbai, India to help navies meet the stringent international standards set for positive displacement pumps.

Clarus is now part of
Colfax Fluid Handling

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